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New Rx: Walk Two Miles & Call Me in the Morning

Looking for a new ‘scrip’ for a pill, as is our culture in the US? You may be surprised the next time you see your healthcare provider. That’s because providers everywhere are being encouraged to utilize exercise prescriptions – an actual prescription indicating what kind, how much, and how often you should exercise. First featured at the Preventive Cardiovascular Nurse Association‘s Annual Symposium in March 2011, an exercise prescription/plan should be an individualized plan and emphasize long-term activity.

We know people are more likely to follow through with their routine cancer screenings if recommended by a nurse or physician. Will it be the same for cardiovascular activity?

2 thoughts on “New Rx: Walk Two Miles & Call Me in the Morning

  1. Yes. I’ve always wished doctors would do more of this. I’m an EMT and whenever I look back and forth from a patient to his or her medication list I frequently want to say “you know if you just got off the couch once in a while you wouldn’t need half of these.” Of course I never do, but I know my back would appreciate a healthier patient pool.


    1. Definitely understand. Pills are part of our culture, though…you go to the your provider and you “expect” a pill of some sort. I think a prescription to exercise might work very well for Us, in general. At least I hope so. It’s a fabulous idea/effort.

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