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Nike, You Should Make Scrubs

I love Nike shoes and clothing. I do. There’s one thing Nike doesn’t make, though, that I wish they did – scrubs. Literally millions of healthcare professionals wear Nike shoes and other acceptable clothing to work, running up and down hallways and stairs and even climbing over items at times. Yes, healthcare professionals are athletes, too, in many senses of the word. There’s something to be said for remaining at top, live-saving performance 12 hours straight, so I think there is a natural marketing link there.

Nike is an innovative company, creating clothes and shoes to fit exactly what individuals need and want. I especially think Nike’s Dri-Fit® fabrics are perfect for the healthcare environment, wicking away moisture – whether it is your own or from others or the environment. Not only that, but the fabric is comfortable while still looking crisp. I’ve worn one-too-many wrinkled, scratchy scrub sets. In addition, Nike’s clean style speaks for itself. (Teddy bears and kittens, be gone!) I have felt strongly about this idea for almost two years now, and I just shared it with a colleague about a month ago. After I saw the nursing connection to the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team uniforms – which might not have been the best press for the team, it just seems even more of a fit.

Nike, you should make scrubs. Seriously.

7 thoughts on “Nike, You Should Make Scrubs

  1. I actually thought about this while I was running yesterday. I’m currently working as a vet tech and applying to nursing schools. I regularly get wet at work, whether it be sweating from lifting dogs, water from bathing dirty/flea covered pets, or other things that need not be mentioned. I was sweating, but still comfy in Nike shorts and a Nike bra, all I could think about was how I wish Nike would make scrubs, then maybe I could be that comfy at work!
    Your post brought a smile to my face, I think that somehow this needs to be made to happen 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, Nike is a horrible company. They use child labor to make their products in third world countries and they saw fit to give millions of dollars to a man who strangles dogs with his bare hands. I realize Michael Vick “did his time,” but that type of character defect doesn’t just go away with a couple of years in the joint. I’m sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but I would rather buy scrubs made by pretty much any other company making sports products.

    1. Well, I appreciate your perspective, Susan.

  3. I agree with Susan’s view on Nike, that still doesn’t change that Nike makes amazing products. As a CNA, doing a lot of transferring, re positioning, peri care, like you said, its a lot of work. I wear nike dri fit socks, nike running shoes, and even their fitted dri fit long sleeves under my scrubs. Dickie makes great scrubs, very durable, but not the best fitted scrubs. Unfortunately, nike is a sports brand. not necessarily a ‘work’ brand. I even tried to get my friend to snag me some nike drifit material so i can attempt to make my own uniform, but he couldn’t access it.

    1. Great points, Ryan. That dri-fit line is something else; I love it, to.

      You should give Thorlo socks a try. They’re running socks, but now I wear them to work, too. They have extra padding/support on the ball and heel of the foot portions. They are amazing to run in and just as comfortable to work long hours in.

  4. I don’t know who wrote this but “oh my God!! Thank you!” I am the director of a Radiology Department and as a man in healthcare we desperately need other choices. No offense to anyone but printed scrubs on a man is ….well just wrong! Can we please get some style in the scrub market. I would like just some solid colored scrubs with a Nike Swoosh on them, especially if they were made out of that DriFit material that would be awesome. Great idea! I could really go for some custom Nike OUsooner/Dallas Cowboy/NFL scrubs. Plus how awesome would it be to have sets of scrubs where the top is cut and actually resembles a jersey number and all. You could even do them custom with your hospital name as the team name anyway i’ve drifting from the point. Please Nike!!
    Susan that was totally a debbie downer moment, i’m sure your teddybear/child angel printed scrubs with the cuffed feet were only produced by ADULT labor right here in the good ole USA, and when NIKE comes out with some decent scrubs for us…..they will still be there….. Great idea ladies!!

    1. Ha! Thanks, Josh! I’m glad others agree.

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