Enjoy the Journey

by Nursetopia on July 14, 2011

"The end of the path along Redhill/Storeton" by jimmedia via Flickr

Goals are great, yes, but I have found myself forsaking the journey for the ultimate goal. Work is a good example. I’ve known where I’ve wanted to be along my career path even before I enrolled in nursing school. While working towards my ultimate goals, I realized a while back that I’ve forgotten to “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak. I missed so many opportunities to revel in the small delights, to nurture relationships, to learn deeper and fuller. The same is true for my educational experiences. Just get through it, I’d think. Looking back, I wish I was more present in the moments and enjoyed the journey a little bit more. I am still quite young, but only One knows how long my ultimate journey will last, and I do not want to look back wishing the same things. So, I am working hard to enjoy the journey – the mountains and valleys, the sounds and smells, the joys and heartaches. I am trying to keep my presence at the forefront of my mind because I don’t want to miss anything on my way to the destination.

Enjoy the path today. Pause and enjoy it.