Would You Like A Nursing Student?

by Nursetopia on November 1, 2011

Would I? You bet! Can I? Can I!? Undergrad. Graduate student. Doesn’t matter!

I enjoy having nursing students with me. Well, most of the time. There is that occasional student that thinks she knows everything already, isn’t interested in soaking up learning experiences, or is only acting like he’s interested because the class instructor is a few feet away. I can only think of two students ever that made me think, “Man, I’m glad that’s over,” at the end of the day.

99% of the time, though, students are great. Routine things are new and cool again, and you get to see nursing through a different, refreshing lens. Teaching others often encourages me to “brush up” on my knowledge and skills, as well, because nursing students ask some challenging questions. I’ve been stumped a couple of times and needed to dive into a few books for answers for both of us! It’s great. I teach them. They teach me.

What do you say or do when someone asks you, “Would you like a nursing student?” or “Can you take a student today?”