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Using Evernote to Write Scholarly Articles (Or Anything Else)

I have used Evernote for a while now to help me collect ideas and thoughts for a few writing projects, including daily blog posts. It’s the “new” file drawer or folder. It has easy categorization options, lets me email and Twitter DM items directly into my account, and has other neat features including photo and audio functions. I can access Evernote from anywhere – including my iPhone – thanks to the cloud. Did I mention Evernote is free?

No, I do not have any financial relationships to Evernote that I need to disclose. I really just like it, and I enjoyed how easy it made a current writing project. I knew for a few months I was in the running to write a professional nursing piece. As I read relevant blogs, journal articles, tweets, and websites, I saved them into Evernote, tucking them away “just in case.” By the time I received confirmation I was selected to write the piece, I had numerous references already awaiting me within Evernote. Efficient. Environment-friendly. Quite nice.

Is there an app or program that has made your life easier? Please do share!


4 thoughts on “Using Evernote to Write Scholarly Articles (Or Anything Else)

  1. What a good idea! I use Evernote for everything else, why not research?! 🙂

  2. I’ve been using it for awhile now too. Love it.

  3. It was @nerdnurse who pointed out the potential for Evernote. Ever since I’ve been a huge fan! Glad to see you are using it too. Are you using Mendeley too?

    1. I tried using Mendeley earlier in the year, but I had a hard time seeing its purpose and value for me. What do you use it for, Rob?

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