Looking Back: 2011’s One Word

by Nursetopia on December 30, 2011

I adopted the “one word” resolution as opposed to a set list of goals or resolutions in 2011. I thought long and hard about my one word and finally decided “words” fit nicely.

The “words” theme wove throughout all aspects of my life in 2011. I focused more on what I said (and didn’t say). I wrote thank you notes galore. I read more books and journal articles than I have since grad school. I submitted an article for publication in a peer-reviewed journal (which was accepted for publication in 2012). I posted on Nursetopia almost every day in 2011. I focused on additional writing projects with other organizations – some small, some very large. I spoke sweeter to my husband and children, while “words” echoed in my head.

Words, words, words. 2011 may be barreling to an end, but “words” with remain with me in 2012, for sure.

You may want to try the “one word” resolution version, as well. I already have my one word for 2012. I’ll share it tomorrow.

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