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Win a Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook [Giveaway]

It is amazing how quickly the medication market changes. There are always new drugs to know, drugs we should never use again, new-found indications and contraindications, and so on. Needless to say, an updated drug handbook is essential for every nurse. The Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook is best-selling nursing drug book. I have used the Nursing Drug Handbook throughout my nursing career – starting with nursing school. It’s one of those books to which I always turn as it is easy to flip through and understand, seeing important drug information clearly categorized and at a glance. Thanks to publisher Wolters Kluwer Health, one Nursetopia reader will win a Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook to start the New Year.

Giveaway details:

1. Enter your contact information into the entry form below. Only one entry per person will be accepted via the entry form.

2. You can get two additional entries into the drawing via the two following methods:

A) Leave a comment about your experience with previous years’ editions of the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook and/or why the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook is important to you in your day-to-day profession.

B) “Like” Nursing Drug Handbook on Facebook. (Tell me in the comments, too, and I’ll validate it.)

3. I will randomly select one person via on Thursday, January 12, 2012, at 8 PM CST.

4. I will contact the winner, validate the contact information, and have the book shipped to the winner.

What ‘cha waiting for? Enter now.

Giveaway Entry

Disclosure: I have not received any compensation or product for this post. All comments here are my own, though.

42 thoughts on “Win a Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook [Giveaway]

  1. As a graduate nursing student entering the second quarter of my program, I have not had experience with the previous editions of the Nursing Drug Handbook. However, next week I begin my first hospital clinical rotation and I know the 2012 edition will be a helpful and comprehensive reference for medication administration!

  2. My Nursing Drug Handbook comes in handy every day at work! I work in psychiatric nursing, and we all know that new drugs are coming out every day and new info is learned on drugs all the time. This book helps me educate both my patients and myself!

  3. I actually work in clinical research. I enjoy keeping up with the latest clinical drugs being used by clinicians. I have to understand how they interact when I see a participant for clinical research trials in the field of nutrition and obesity.

  4. I Like the Nursing Drug Handbook on Facebook!

  5. I use the 2011 copy during all my clinical rotations! It is so useful to have the medication information tailored for nurses! A simple medical/pharmaceutical entry simply does not suffice for our profession!

    Would love to get the 2012 edition!

  6. I’m a fan on Facebook!

  7. I “like” nursing drug handbook on Facebook too. I would love a copy! Going back to school as an adult is tricky financially- paying for one less book would be a blessing!

  8. I will be going into my second semester of Nursing school in a few days, and it will be our first hospital experience! Therefore, I have not had the opportunity to buy/use a drug book yet, and I would love for this to be my first! I know the 2012 edition will be very helpful as it has the most current information in drug administration.

  9. I am a fan of Drug Handbook on FB. (That is actually how I found your site)

  10. The drug handbook is crucial for safely dispensing meds. It is important that I understand all aspects of the med and the effects it can have on my patient. I love how easy this drug handbook is to use!

  11. I am a fan on facebook!! πŸ™‚ I’m just about to go into my first round of clinical rotations!

  12. We just got the new 2012 drug handbook at work and I love it. It is so nice to have the built in bookmark too. I love the size of the print too.

  13. We were required to purchase another drug book for nursing school, but I didn’t find it nearly as useful as the Nursing Drug Handbook.. It’s definitely my go-to source for all med info!

  14. I am a fan on Facebook and a hospice nurse….The references with patient teaching are invaluable to me…I have the past 3 editions 2011, 2010 and 2011…..

  15. This book is good for looking up any drug, without having to carry a huge book.

  16. I refer to the nursing drug handbook daily at work, couldn’t work without it!

  17. I have used previous editions while I worked as a medication aide and now I’m in my last semester of Nursing and I use it constantly thru school. Getting a new 2012year drug book will give me up to date information on old drugs and the newest drugs out there. Because while in school I have to know everything about the drug I will be giving to a patient before I can give any drug so these books definitely comes in handy. I am also a facebook friend to or I’ve liked the nursing drug book on facebook.

  18. im a retired nurse and am doing perdiem work in pediatric home care on my spare time my nursing drug handbook has been very helpful to me especially when there was no one around for me to ask questions.

  19. I saw this on Facebook for the giveaway! Very look I have been a fan of the Nursing drugbook since 2006! thank you publishin

  20. I’ve been a nurse for years and years…it’s my number one “go-to” choice for pertinent drug info quickly. Books at the nurse’s stattion get dog-eared very quickly!

  21. my nursing handbook has been very helpful to me since im doing pediatric home care and ther is no one around to ask questions if i needed it.

  22. Oops, and I’m a Facebook friend, too!

  23. As a full time student, this is one of my constant go to references. I regularly refer to my old book for not only my own use, but also to better help my patients understand how their meds help them, and the best way to take them.
    Having the new edition will only make my ability to treat patients better.
    I’m already a Facebook fan!

  24. I am in the last semester of a RN program, I have used the Nursing Drug Handbook throughout my education. I “liked” it on facebook.

  25. Hi, I am a student nurse and use my drug handbook all the time, I find it easier to use than mims and would love the new edition, I am also a facebook fan of this book. Good Luck everyone.

  26. I am a Geriatric Nurse and this book comes in very handy when explaining thr Pt’s meds with them. I also use the website when our Pt’s come in and the pharmacy has given them a medication they do not recognize I can pull it up on the web and show them exactly what the generic medication looks like.
    It’s a great tool to have. I’ve even taught the other Nurse in our office how to navigate the program.

  27. I recently had a kidney transplant. Prior to the transplant I was on dialysis for six and a half years. This book is a vital tool to assist me back into my role as a nurse.

  28. The Nursing Drug Handbook is most valuable for information on medications as well as nursing considerations. My area of practice is quite narrow and it is easy to quickly lose familiarity with medications common to other populations. The handbook is a lifesaver. I am also a FB fan! πŸ™‚

  29. I once worked as a GP in a remote hospital in Borneo. There the Nursing Drug Handbook already became favorite for many years. I myself always refer to it many times to look up about medicines, their regiments, side effects & interactions. Always come handy & provide reliable info whenever I need it! ^^

  30. I’m a recent Grad Nurse, and for my final preceptorship I worked in a facility that only had the CPS drug book. Now while this is the “bible” of drug guides, I really missed having a Drug guide handbook handy in my drug cart as I could not run to the nurses’ office every time I wanted to look medications or interactions/side effects up. I will be buying a current drug handbook to have for personal use (if I don’t win one!) πŸ™‚

  31. I have been a Registered Nurse since 1984 and purchased a Nursing Drug Handbook while I was a student. I have worked in many different settings, many at the same time because I was raising three children and was the bread winner in the family. The responsibility of a nurse is to know about every drug you administer to a patient. Dosages, side effects, etc. The PDR is not very user friendly when you need to look up a medication. At times I enjoyed looking up medications and learning their chemical compositions, but not while I was taking care of sometimes, 17 patients! I also know that even if there is an order written for a patient, if it is not correct, you are responsible, because you should have known what the dosage, possible drug interactions, effect on the patient…and the list goes on. I have never had a medication error in my career, and I think my Nursing Drug Handbook has contributed to the knowledge of the medications I have administered. Most of my career has always included critical care, where most medications are given IV. Given the wrong drug IV can be deadly, something I take extremely seriously! That triple check of any given medication is a rule for very good reasons.

  32. I am a fan on Facebook! πŸ™‚ I am a new nursing student and have been told this is an valuable book to have!

  33. I use the handbook alot. And used it throughout nursing school and still using as I am back in nursing school! Good book!

  34. Nursing Drug Handbook is a reliable source and I trust the information!

  35. I think the Nursing Drug Handbook is great! As a nursing student, it is an invaluable tool I use every day in every setting.

  36. I have used this drug book since i graduated in 1992. I love the format. The information I need is easy to find. I love the pt teaching section and i like that it includes onset. Iand half life information. I have had to use drug books on nursing floors that just don’t compare so I started carrying my own drug book with me. Jean

  37. I have already liked you on fb

  38. I do phone triage and about 6 out of 10 calls have to do with medication questions. This is my go to book ( well last year’s edition) I would really put a new edition to use. Love IT!

  39. I like 2012-drug handbook I can really use this for work and school.

  40. I heard about this book a half years after I entered to nursing school, until then, the book that we used was one (in spanish) that was updated every two o three years edited by physicians and pharmacists and presented information that wasn’t of interest for nurses or students, until in a clinical rotation in a oncology setting in Colombia an OCN recommended us consult this book, so a classmate bought the 2011 edition and when I saw the references with patient teaching and invaluable resources, I thought wow this is incredible! (I like the fb page).

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  42. I liked you in facebook. I really like the layout of the Nursing handbook. As a student, I have a chance to see/use other students’ books. I really find this one the best.

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