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Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad [Giveaway]

I'm thankful for electronic resources at my fingertips.

Remember that Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook giveaway a few months ago? Well, Wolters Kluwer Health has the exact same resource as a user-friendly iPhone/iTouch/iPad application. I’ve had the chance to use the app. It’s quite nice to have such an extensive resource available at the touch of a button. You can search for medications by name or category, mark certain drugs as “favorites,” add personal notes to medications, and scroll through the recent medications you’ve viewed. Thanks to the publishers, one lucky Nursetopia reader will receive the $45 app for freeeeee! The giveaway details are below.



Giveaway details:

Easy searching

1. Enter your contact information into the entry form below. Only one entry per person will be accepted via the entry form.

2. Earn a maximum of three additional entries into the drawing via the two following methods:

A) Leave a comment about how having the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook will impact your daily work or studies.

B) “Like” Nursing Drug Handbook on Facebook.

C) Share this giveaway with your networks via Twitter and/or Facebook. Include @NursingHandbook and myself (@joniwatson) on your tweets, and tag Nursing Drug Handbook and Nursetopia in your Facebook updates.

3. I will randomly select one person via on Thursday, April 12, 2012, at 8 PM CST.

4. I will contact the winner with the download code.

A $45 nursing resource for free?! Oh yes!

Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook for iPhone/iTouch/iPad Giveaway

Disclosure: I received the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook for my iPhone and iPad. All comments here are my own.


31 thoughts on “Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad [Giveaway]

  1. Oh med cards for clinical . . . what would we do with out our Drug Hand Book . . . we would still be wondering what lasix was and other names for it hahahaha!

  2. Having this nursing drug handbook app for my iPhone would really help me out as I am a nursing student until this may then I will be graduating and starting my career. This drugbook is useful for me during my preceptorship for college as well as when I obtain a job as a nurse.

  3. I use Davis Drug Guide to look ALL my drug information when doing my clinical prep for Nursing School!

  4. The nursing drug handbook would really help me work more efficiently & leave me more time for direct patient care. I wouldn’t have to spend precious time looking up drugs in a book!

  5. It would be very useful to have this app avaliable on my phone at work

  6. So helpful great info in seconds when your on the go!

  7. Omg this is a great app. Now I can keep my book at my finger tips at all times

  8. Winning this drug handbook would be a great help to me in my nursing studies. In only two short weeks, I will have completed my first year of nursing. When completing my placement at a long term care facility I was required to research around 20 different medications that my assigned resident was taking. Doing this took me a relatively long time since I do not have a drug handbook. Because it is a requirement to do a lot of medicaton research in second year, winning this drug handbook would save me many hours of research, allowing me to spend more time focusing on understanding the medication and effects it has, and would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you for your consideration.

    Caitlyn Gayne

  9. This app would help me During clinical and at work. Can’t wait to have it.

  10. Just amazing how much nursing has changed in 25 years. I am working with student
    nurses now and would be thrilled to have an app like this.

  11. This would be a great resource at work!!!

  12. This great app would be wonderful! I have the 2010 Nursing Drug Handbook and this would be on an i phone or Kindle and readily available when working with clients. It is the authority on the latest drugs and how they work, what they are prescribed for; doses, interactions, etc. What a great idea to have this as an app as well as a book!

  13. I think the Nursing Drug Handbook on my iTouch will be great because it’ll allow me to carry all the information I need in a small device!

  14. I love the aspect of verifying drug names between generic and trade as well as providing pt education regarding side effects

  15. My job involves medication reconcilliation every single day for 40 clients. I couldn’t do my job without the latest drug handbook!!

  16. I would love to have the drug handbook at the tip of my fingers! It would make my patient care more efficient and allow me to spend more time with my patients and their families. Staying on top of all the new drugs and their possible adverse effects and reactions is of utmost importance and this convenient app helps enable nurses to be an additional safety check!

  17. Between work and school the latest drug book makes my work so much easier. It as all the medications I use all in one place. I love it..

  18. Having the latest edition of the Nursing Drug Handbook app on my ipod touch would be a great help for my clinicals while I finish school and while at work when I graduate in May. I would love to win this app free. Thank you so much!

  19. Drug book is nurses first and the best friend!!! During my nursing programm it helps me to find all necessary information very quickly. Also this book gives opportunity to have ebook as the most effective way to keep all necessary information close all the time!!!

  20. unfamiliarity of different kinds of drugs would help me a lot in having this Drug handbook. This would be very helpful to avoid medication error.

  21. Iam a nursing student and this will help in my clinicals where the instructors want to be able to know medications at a drop of a hat. With this I won’t have to carry the extra book.

  22. It would definitely make work a lot easier to have a drug book on my iPod touch, I never like to give a medication without double checking especially when I’m not 100% sure… Sometimes I look them up regardless because I wonder if I missed anything lol 🙂

  23. Fast & efficent resource at your fingertips.

  24. I use the drug guide all the time for my clinical research nghts. I love it!!!

  25. Having this app would make my day! I work in the community and access tp this info at my fingertips would be awesome!

  26. The drug guide in an app is GENIUS! No one can carry the book around all day on the floor and if you leave your book at the desk you risk getting it stolen. I would LOVE having the app available to me.

    This is the best drug guide out there! Thanks for a chance to win!

  27. Having the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook application will open up doors for many of my students at Nurses Educational Opportunities where I teach American Heart Assocationa Courses. A lot of us nurses, are not used to using “techie” tools in our practice. We are used to calling for help when a machine doesn’t work. We are initimiated by technology. A lot of the nurses now have smartphones, and I want to encourage them to use it in their practice. I will demonstrate to my students how easy and reliable it is to use this application in their practice.

  28. The Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook is awesome! It impacted my daily work studies and my nursing school by providing me the adequate information I needed to maintain a safe environment while passing medications! The Nursing Drug Handbook also has more medication information then others! Some will say ‘unknown’ but yet the NDG will give you a full description! I always recommend NDG and will continue to! It’s the only reliable Drug Book on the market that I can completely trust!

  29. Its book is awesome to me!!!! I love it!!!!

  30. In our ED, we spend half our life trying to find a MIMS which isn’t missing the very page you need to look up adrug in a hurry!!! I would love to be able to grab my iPad instead.
    It would also be great to have a resource that’s meant for nurses not pharmacists.

  31. […] Woohooooo! Congrats to Emmette G., who just won the Nursing 2012 Drug Handbook iPhone/iTouch/iPad giveaway. There’s no doubt Emmette will put that app to good use. I’ve used it many times since […]

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