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Letter to My Daughter [Audio Book Review]

The most recent audio book keeping me company on my daily commute into work is Maya Angelou’s Letter to My Daughter. With 28 short chapters, you can read or listen to this inspiring book in a little less than three hours. Angelou, biological mother to one son, admits in the foreword that this book is for all women.

It’s bold, witty, sad, and encouraging. The best part, though, is that the audio book is actually read by Maya Angelou. I really enjoy hearing authors read their own works. After all, they know best exactly what it should sound like. Angelou’s booming, husky voice powerfully delivers the many stories and anecdotes.

I have always been a fan of her work but I knew very little of her back-story, her life and history. Letter to My Daughter contains much of that, including mentions of her mother – a nurse and business owner.

Overall, Letter to My Daughter is a short read (or listen). It’s easily a summer-reading-list book.