Beware the Chart-Audit Roller Coaster

by Nursetopia on June 12, 2012

“Hooray! It’s chart audit day,” said no one ever.

Chart audits aren’t typically the highlight of my work. It’s a mundane task. Sometimes it can be quite the downer, as well. I did share the audit improvement points with everyone, didn’t I?

However, there are those occasions when chart after beautifully noted chart pass the marks without difficulty. Yes! I knew they would rock this!

I’ve had both experiences. In the same chart audit day. What’s important is the overall picture, routine audit schedule, and the continuous feedback. I try not to get stuck on the chart-audit roller coaster. There’s always room for improvement, and there are always opportunities to point out the stellar performances.

Whatever it is you do, watch out for the roller coaster.

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