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Boxed World

The world as I know it currently is brown, square, and portable. I am in the process of moving offices at work, which I am quite excited about because it means I will be closer to my team members in daily work. I am thinking about cubicle etiquette, an office-warming party, and logistics of moving ten people from several locations into one primary location.

In addition, my personal life is all boxed up, as well. Today my family and I are moving into our first home. I am giddy with excitement and dreams of new curtains, a back yard, walls that I do not share with other people beyond my immediate family, and never having to search for a parking place again.

There are boxes everywhere around me! If for some reason I get hit by a green streetcar tomorrow morning, someone is either going to be really glad everything is already packed in boxes or really ticked they have to dig through a bazillion boxes to try and find my specific items.

Meh…I’m glad my world is packed because it means I’ll be unpacking very, very soon. Hooray!


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