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Trying to Get Back into Routines

Summer happened. A new house happened. Writing doesn’t seem to be happening much.

In between finding new running and driving routespainting furniture (which is turning out beautifully, I might add!), enjoying quintessential summertime activities, and yes, even trying to read a book or two, it simply seems as though I’ve “lost” my itch to write. Before moving, I used to wait anxiously for bedtime – laying down the kiddos, the hubs brewing some decaf coffee, and snuggling into bed with my laptop and a few good ideas waiting to become prose.

Not so much these days.

At first, I was quite anxious about the overtly missing or infrequent Nursetopia posts. Seriously – it did cause me anxiety. And then I realized Nursetopia is a fun routine for me. No one makes me write every day. No one makes me share my ideas. No one forces me to share giveaways or downloadable goodies.

So, this week I am striving to find my new writing routines in my new house in this new season. I know it will not be easy. Nothing ever worth having is, though. And I do love writing and sharing conversation with you. Be patient with me please. Posts might be choppy and publish at all hours of the days while I find my groove.

Are you struggling to get back into a routine? How are you coping and working towards getting back into the swing of things?

2 thoughts on “Trying to Get Back into Routines

  1. I recall the words of a nursing tutor – with change there is loss and gain – go with the gains – farewell the losses – summer for you is winter for me – the time of sitting in front of the fire hot chocolate in hand, staring at the flames looking for some inspiration for my writing too – a bit like waiting for the the phoenix to arise – and be kind to your self Joni for those inpirations will arise again – take the time to go with the gains! Much love

    1. Beautiful advice, Fiona. Thank you!!

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