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The Golden Rule of Management

It is the same in management as in life (whether that is nursing management or management in any other field).

Manage others the way you want to be managed. 

Give respect, gain respect. Give autonomy, gain empowered employees. Dig your hands into the work alongside your team, gain team members who will press forward harder for you when you cannot stand beside them in everyday work. Openly share what you know, gain new levels of insight. Ask tough questions, gain inspiring answers. Listen, gain knowledge. Share laughter, enjoy the ease of work in the face of stress. Pour education, time, and experience into others, gain movers and shakers.

We all manage others at different points in our lives and work. Are you managing others the way you would like to be managed?

2 thoughts on “The Golden Rule of Management

  1. I so agree!
    In fact, I wrote a related blogpost that references a Boston Globe interview w/ Dr. Lucian Leape’s about respect for HC professionals.

    Here is a link:
    “How Does a ‘Theory X’ Leadership Philosophy Contribute to Medical Error, Workplace Violence, & Poor Staff Morale?”


    1. Awesome. Thanks, Beth!

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