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One Step Ahead. One Step Behind.

With so many projects going on at work and at home, I often feel like I am either one step ahead of everything or one step behind everything and everyone. It may not seem that way to my colleagues and family members, but that’s how I feel…at least lately. Ahead or behind, it’s just not quite right, and I feel that. I am sure others working closely with me feel it, as well.

Change, no matter how great, is still change, and that thing – eustress – yep, it’s still stress. I’m waiting for my stride to sync where it needs to be – at least my perception of my steps. Anyone else ever feel like that?

Now, to figure out whether to slow down or speed up. Here’s to a rhythmic day!

2 thoughts on “One Step Ahead. One Step Behind.

  1. Know exactly what you mean. That is the nature of the beast 🙁

    For all the best intentions, when you’re at work one patient going bad, or overdemanding family member can throw your whole day out of whack. That feeling of “needing to catch up” spills over into home life too unfortunately.

    We learn to take it in stride, catch up where we can. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, learn the value of politely “Saying No” when you are overextended.

    1. Thanks, Andrew. It helps to know I’m not alone!

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