Brain Rules [Audio Book Review]

by Nursetopia on July 16, 2012

Brain Rules, by John Medina, provides 12 “rules” of brain function and evidence of the body’s most brilliant organ function. In it, the author points out the way we learn and work go against the way the brain truly functions. Medina’s website has some neat visualizations, videos, and snippets of the book to whet your intellectual appetite. For example, Medina argues multitasking should be banned from work, we should all be allowed naps, and meetings should really only be conducted while we exercise so we gain the brain’s maximum productivity.

Hmmmmmm. I’m thinking of ways to change my meetings now!

Overall, some of the “brain rules” are quite “common” such as men and women thinking differently and using stories to help the brain retain information. However, Medina offers interesting history, descriptive pathophysiology, and connective stories to support the 12 rules. It’s a good listen. Maybe listen to it while you’re running. I’m sure that would make Mr. Medina proud.

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gold price July 17, 2012 at 7:46 pm

The genius of this book is that it uses the most recent scientific research, discussed in a very entertaining way, to identify 12 rules for optimizing your most important tool – your BRAIN. Read the chapter on “Attention” and you will never give a presentation in the same way again. Read the chapter on “Sleep” and you will understand why an afternoon nap can be the most productive 20 minutes of your work day. Read the chapter on “Exercise” and you’ll finally get why great ideas (ok, and maybe some clunkers but at least you’re thinking!)come to you in the middle of your workout. Like the author, you may toss the guest chair and put a treadmill in your office with a bracket for your laptop – this gives new meaning to the concept of management by walking around. The bottom line is that brain science is beginning to produce really useful information about how our brains are wired; this book is a user’s manual on how to work with the way we’re wired instead of fighting against it. I highly recommend it.

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