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Muscle Confusion

My husband and I are living through another change. He is in the process of obtaining his National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM, personal trainer certification. You may be familiar with my health journey, but my husband is theĀ realĀ success story. He’s lost and kept off 70 pounds for the past three years. He’s completed several marathons and half-marathons, finished P90X (three times, for a total of 270 days!), was one of the first in the U.S. to steam-through P90X2, and now he’s working on a muscle-gaining program. He’s 8% body fat and ripped. I must admit, I am one luck y nurse to have that view man.

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Recently I became his model as he conducted overhead squat assessments, single-leg squat assessments, and more. It brought back flashbacks of me asking him if I could do a head-to-toe assessment on him in preparation for check-offs. Oh, how the tables have turned! He started to ramble off muscles. One extends, the other abducts, this one adducts, and this one rotates. Oye. I forgot how hard those were to remember in anatomy and physiology. “You’re a nurse. You know all this stuff, right,” he asked. “Uhmmm. I need to go fold clothes.”

As it turns out, I don’t remember what the gastrocnemius does exactly. Listening to my husband made me think how thankful I am for my sports medicine, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services colleagues. I’m glad they remember what the tensor fasciae latae does and how to help make it stronger. Thanks a latae, coworkers!