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The Credit Monster

Who gets the credit? 

He didn’t work on that presentation. Why did Mr. Leader just mention his name?

She didn’t do that. I did!

Copyright Felix Jackson, Jr.,


The Credit Monster lurks everywhere. It’s right around the corner, under your desk, behind your med-cart, sitting in the boardroom, walking down the hallway just waiting to whip out the lime-light and red carpet. Funny how it always disappears when something goes awry; no one wants to take the credit for mistakes. But, oh, when times are good…the Credit Monster awaits.

You know what kills it? True, collaborative teamwork. When it’s done right, it’s difficult to pinpoint where the success came from because it doesn’t normally come from one person. Nope. It comes from the collective body, developing synergy. It’s like a Credit Monster spray bomb.

Pull the pin now. Destroy the Credit Monster. Those things are pests.