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Borrowing Motivation

The will to do something is 99% of the effort of actually completing something. We typically have the strength or power or knowledge to complete most things; we just need to decide and commit to doing whatever that is. The closer we get to the goal/action, the easier it is to complete the action. At least that’s how my mind works…You’ve already gotten this far. Finish. 

But what about when we’re far away from the goal? Faaaaaaaarrrr, faaaaaarrrr away? Yeah, it takes a lot of motivation to get started. It reminds me of that law of physics – an object at rest remains at rest. If I can just get out of bed to run in the morning. If I can get my workout clothes on in the evening after putting the kids to bed. If I can divert my brain from thinking about the chocolate chip cookies in the break room. If I can find the motivation, I can do it.

Sometimes I cannot find the motivation. Sometimes I have to borrow someone else’s. Fortunately, I have some pretty generous motivators around me who push me out of the bed, who place my running shoes right in front of me, who hide the cookies, who nudge the laptop towards me (or rip it out of my hands depending on the day).

I’m a borrower at the moment. I’m looking forward to being the lender again soon. For now, I’ll rest in the encouragement of others and learn from this season of others.

Are you borrowing or lending motivation this season?