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‘Cancer in Hispanics/Latinos’ Receives Nursing Education Attention

The Hispanic/Latino population is the fastest growing population in the U.S. The group, which actually consists of many sub-populations, has a common set of physical, emotional, and practical concerns related to cancer and healthcare that all nurses (and really all healthcare professionals) need to recognize and understand.

LIVESTRONG, the Nurse Oncology Education Program, and Alpheus Media joined forces to develop the new, free continuing nursing education (CNE) video activity Advancing Care: Cancer in Hispanic/Latino Populations. Thanks to the beautiful videography, compelling patient stories, and accompanied multidisciplinary professional education, this CNE will leave you wishing every continuing nursing education activity was so entertaining, intriguing, and informational.

Whether or not you work in an oncology setting, Advancing Care: Cancer in Hispanic/Latino Populations is appropriate for you. It was developed with nurses and other healthcare professionals in all fields of practice in mind. Try it for yourself, and share it with your colleagues. Leave a review on the course site, and let me know what you think about it, as well.

Full Disclosure: I had the privilege of working with the developing organizations on this project from inception to completion. I am a part of the CNE planning committee for this activity. I did not receive any remuneration for this blog post, which reflects my opinions only.