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Reflective Writing

It’s no surprise that I blog as a form of reflection, introspection, conversation, education, and creative hobby. I have always found writing as a tool to help me safely vent and explore my emotions. Both in the past and even now I often recommend writing or journaling to those I work alongside. It’s helpful in so many ways.

I write via this blog and other blogs but this is a very public space, thus it is not a safe place to vent my daily frustrations and deeply private experiences and feelings. No. So I write privately, as well.

When I write for my eyes only, I don’t worry about continuity of thought or whether my subjects and verbs agree (okay that’s a lie – I totally do think about that), or sentence structure. I often write exactly how I think – in fragments, which I strangely love. I rarely create new paragraphs. I doodle in the margins if I’m handwriting. I fill pages without caution.

It’s wonderful therapy. Give it a try. No rules. Just reflective writing.