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The Resting Face

I cannot take credit for this phrase – “the resting face.” My pastor talks about this occasionally, and now I find myself laughing to myself in meetings, in the grocery store check-out line, and everywhere else. One moment in particular comes to mind when I really had to get control of myself because I thought I was literally going to laugh out loud as I looked at the “resting faces” around me.

The “resting face” is what your face looks like when, well…you’re resting. You’re awake but you’re not particularly thinking about your facial expression. Most people’sĀ faces naturally fall; they look sad, actually, and disinterested. That’s not ideal in most business situations, and it’s a little disheartening for life in general.

Go ahead, take a look at the people around you today. Look at their faces. Then think about your own face. Yep, they’re probably very similar.

Think about your “resting face.” Wake up. Change it. You might change the other “resting faces” around you, too.