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Seven Days of School Nurse Care

School nurses amaze me. They have hundreds of lives within their care. Literally. It’s in one word – ridiculous – that school nurse care requirements aren’t more stringent. On top of that, they have to be master pediatric nurses, with care running the gamut from the I-don’t-wan’t-to-be-in-class stomach ache to complexly chronically ill children integrating back into “normal” routines. School nurses are my heroes.

Recently I had the chance to “adopt” a school nurse at a local elementary school. Little gifts and notes of encouragement? Right up my alley! I saw this idea originally from The Dating Divas via Pinterest, and while it’s a super cute idea for a spouse or partner, it’s just a perfect fit for a nurse…tiny notes and gifts tucked into an oversized, dollar store pill-box? I mean, c’mon!

I loaded the seven compartments with candies (mints, Dove chocolate, Starbursts, Tootsie Rolls), tiny magnets, a movie ticket, and several Nursetopia notes of encouragement (Even When Your Voice Shakes, One Wild and Precious Life, May Today There Be Peace Within, Give 100 Percent, Blessing for the Week, and Great Argyle Day). It was loads of fun. Give it a try. Show your school nurse some love!