Among the Beautiful Things

by Nursetopia on June 6, 2013

The room is quiet.
The gray walls whisper calm, breathy songs.
They seem expanded.
The mirrors reflect the low, golden-sunset lamp-light.
It seems brighter without full light.
The sheets softly hum a higher, sweeter, earthy-gray harmony.
The bed feels bigger.
The dark tables offer both choice words and empty pages.
They feel like anchors.
The air is warmer and cooler.
It feels like a drug.

The room is different.
Crafted for me and my Love.

We laugh at 14 years and our now first experience with two side tables.
Why did either of us ever do without?
Year. After. Year?
We don’t remember.
We don’t care.
We come back to the present.
Fourteen years is enough to ensure everything about and within the room now speaks.
Our language.

After one year in my home, my husband and I completely made over our bedroom. It felt selfish but also needed as I retreat to my home and bedroom frequently to think and write and relive. A friend reminded me how lovely it is to be among the beautiful things that bring joy. I hope you’re among some of your favorite beautiful “things” today. Take care of yourself so you can take care of others.

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