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What If We Welcomed New Nurses Like We’d Want to Be Welcomed?

HelloImFreshMeatRNHigh fives. Handwritten notes with excited scribbles. Eyes that smile. Exhalation of “We’re so glad you’re here. We’ve been wanting to work with you!” Emails from providers joining in arrival chorus. Starbucks on the last day of your first week (e.g. “You made it, and you did great!”). Special access to team-member-only inside jokes. Oodles of system-branded gifts because, “Well, you’re one of us, now.” A planned orientation that screams, “We’ve been expecting you for a while, and we’ve got you covered.” Expectations singing clarity and professional growth. Already-set check-in meetings to let you know you’ll be supported throughout your orientation (and beyond), providing reassurance in all the newness. Leaders who have recurring service anniversaries already on their calendars before leaving day one. Sincerity and invitation rather than exhaustion and exasperation.

What if we welcomed new nurses, physicians, medical lab technicians, and all other health care colleagues to the profession, to our units, to our health care systems in this way?

How do you welcome new team members?

2 thoughts on “What If We Welcomed New Nurses Like We’d Want to Be Welcomed?

  1. Wow. I hope this is what I walk into at my new job!

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