Don’t Lose Focus

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Chief of All Wants

by Nursetopia on May 23, 2013

Chief Want


I’ve had my fair share of stale PowerPoint presentations. Trust me, I’ve given many of them, too. I find the presentations I enjoy the most have clean aesthetics, minimal text, and provide opportunities for storytelling. Considering I like those things in presentations, I choose to present this way, as well.

Notepad and TapeI had the lovely opportunity to speak on behalf of the Nurse Oncology Education Program to a group of nurses and nurse faculty at the beautiful Moncrief Cancer Institute in Fort Worth on Saturday. One presentation was directed for faculty on how to make oncology content “stick” in undergraduate curricula, something I’ve grown passionate about as a result of working with faculty over several years. The second presentation was about colorectal cancer screening.

ScreenBoth topics can be rather dull, so I try to make the content come alive in any way possible – mostly with stories, vocal tone, and creative PowerPoint backgrounds. In preparation for the presentation, I couldn’t find any background I really liked, so I just made my own with simple shapes, lines, transparency settings, and colors. One of the nursing faculty members asked for the templates, so I thought I’d share, share, share in true Nursetopia fashion.

You can download the “Notepad & Tape” PowerPoint template here and the “Screen” PowerPoint template here. (Any large, unused space likely included a picture.) Enjoy!

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Thinking of Lean In and working moms, I remembered a video my three-year old son “found” on YouTube (true story) about how motherhood saved the Toy Story 2 movie. (It’s one of “our” favorites.) It’s just a neat story. And it’s animated. Animation always makes things better.

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Encouragement is Everything

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Film Features Real Nurses and Their Stories

by Nursetopia on May 13, 2013

I love seeing real nurses in pictures and films. I’ve had enough of the well-groomed-young-nurse-hugging-my-clipboard photos. Show me some real nurses. Here’s a few projects that do just that:

  • Joy Williams, RN, from Massachusetts General Hospital, discusses her work and love for Project HOPE in this short film.
  • Photographic film captures the essence of nurses and their work in The American Nurse Projecta “photojournalistic journey that aims to capture and share the images and stories of nurses from all across America and to celebrate the role of the nurse in this country’s healthcare system.” The creators chose six nurses to feature in a full-length documentary, and simply based on the nurses’ brief bios, this is going to be an amazing film when it debuts in Fall 2013.
  • NURSES, If Florence Could See Us Now is a documentary celebrating the work of nurses. As the film trailer points out, most people have a hard time explaining what exactly a nurse does, but rather explain nursing through how nurses make them feel. That’s powerful stuff.
  • The Truth About Nursing has a list of nursing-related documentaries, along with “nursing” and “artistic” ratings.
  • Nurses is a four-part documentary of Australian nurses. It was actually planned and filmed by nurses.
  • A quick search on YouTube reveals over 53,000 results. Looking through the first seven pages of results, at least, there are definitely gobs of short films on real nurses and their work. I love that. After page seven, the results get a little sketchier, so you might have to refine your search criteria to get real nurses who aren’t wearing – ahem – “unapproved” scrubs.

Are there any other photographic or film pieces capturing real nurses that inspire you?


Nurses Week 2013 Printable Card Roundup

by Nursetopia on May 5, 2013

Want to send a resounding (and stylish!) thank you to the nurses in your life this week? Here’s a list of freebies and low-cost ideas just for you. Enjoy!

They’re free. Give, give, give this week. Spread some love. The nurses in your life need it.


I really love the idea of personalizing items in myriad ways. These two cards – outlined in either navy blue or hot pink – contain the same word search. You can leave the word search blank, or you can further personalize the card, highlighting or circling the specific words you want to emphasize.

All of the “searchable” words in the puzzle are: advocate, amazing, caring, diligent, fantastic, humble, intelligent, kind, knowledgeable, licensed, nurse, registered,  rocking, stellar, vocational. Have fun! 

You can download the navy blue card here.











You can download the hot pink card here.





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Born to Stand Out

by Nursetopia on March 2, 2013

Happy birthday, Dr. Seuss! You might be asking yourself, “Does Dr. Seuss really have a place in healthcare?” Sure he does. His words remain as inspiration to those of us in service fields, and he absolutely has a unique connection to health care. He inspired this joint healthcare story a while back.

So, here’s a reminder from an author that celebrated the beauty and importance of individualism. It’s okay to diverge from the “norm;” be yourself! You can download this free, printable poster reminder, too.