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Celebrate Nurses Week with Free Dansko Shoes and Lunch for You and Nine Nurse Coworkers

Dansko is at it again…recognizing and celebrating the most fabulous group of healthcare professionals – nurses, of course! Okay, I might be a tad biased. Maybe. But you can’t deny that Dansko loves, loves, loves nurses! And who’s to blame them? No one here!

Dansko is giving away a pair of their amazing shoes and a fabulous Nurses Week lunch to you and nine of your closest nurse friends. That is, if you’re one of the five randomly selected winners. That means you have to enter, though, by April 28th. Simply tell them why you celebrate Nurses Week, and you’re in the drawing! How easy is that? And oh my goodness…what nurse friend wouldn’t offer to help with your next admit/discharge/enema/[insert your least-favorite nursing care piece here] when he or she realizes you’re treating him/her to new Dansko shoes and lunch?! Oh yeah; you’ll be that nurse during Nurses Week.

So, get after it; enter the Dansko Nurses Week Giveaway, and start the celebration early! Thanks, Dansko, for always celebrating Nurses! 

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Crisp, Comfortable, Stylish: Dansko Shoes Fall Collection [Giveaway]

The seasons are changing, and you know what that means, don’t you? Fall shoes and boots!

Dansko just launched its fall shoe collection. Oh, you didn’t know Dankso makes more than fabulous Professional clogs for work? Uh, yeah, they do! With three new casual collections, Dankso shoes are perfect for after-work style, too. Dansko really does have a shoe for every activity, and the Ventura, Monaco, and Havana collections are the perfect lines to choose from for whatever fills your evenings and weekends:

o   The Ventura Collection has simple adornments and burnished full grain leather highlighting superior, classic craftsmanship.

o   The Monaco Collection has the same ride and construction of the Stapled Clog, but with a more tapered silhouette and pronounced heel profile.

o   The Havana Collection features hand antiqued full grain leathers with studded and cutout details; this collection blends old world charm with a gritty urban vibe.

Screen Shot 2013-09-11 at 9.03.16 PMI have the Tilda shoes from the Ventura collection. I absolutely adore them, mainly because they double between work and fun. I can easily pair them with business pants for a meeting with healthcare leaders or with one of my favorite fall maxi skirts for a family dinner out or with jeans for a movie date night with My Love. They look great, and they have all the comfort of Dansko shoes.

To celebrate nurses’ off-shift shoe love and the new fall collection, Dankso is giving away a pair of shoes from the Ventura, Monaco, or Havana collection to one lucky Nursetopia reader! Pearl, from the Monaco line, and Faith, from the Havana line, are not available for the giveaway, but there are eight…eightother styles from the Dankso fall collection to choose from if you win! To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment about which shoe you’d like to have and why. The winner will be selected via on Saturday, September 21, 2013, at 7:00 PM Central Time.

So, which Dansko fall collection shoes are you eyeing?

Disclosure: I received Dansko shoes to review. I love them! All comments are my own. 

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Care to Get Patients Back on their Feet

As a runner, I realize the tremendous difference the right pair of shoes makes on my performance as well as my comfort. But as a nurse – what about my patients who are not only living with their disease but also the effects the disease may have on their foot health? Are they wearing the right shoes to positively impact their own daily performance, safety, and comfort?

Diabetes, arthritis, gout, plantar fasciitis – you name it and our patients have to face a multitude of problems impacting their feet, which impacts their balance, gait, pain, and circulation. Helllloooo, safety concerns! Foot health can even affect ankle and leg health, as well. It’s that good ‘ole kinetic chain in which everything is linked and needs to be in alignment, working together. Therapeutic footwear, which protects and help correct feet problems, is prescribed by podiatrists and other providers to ensure patients get back on their feet – literally.

As nurses, we rarely assess patients’ shoes, socks, and shoe inserts, which can all be therapeutic. With the ever-increasing comorbidities among our patients, we should take the time to assess these details more thoroughly and advocate for our patients if we think therapeutic footwear will help with their safety and/or comfort.

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by

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And the Dansko Shoes Go To…

Winner2Congratulations to Courtney R. who won the recent Dansko Art Palette shoes giveaway!

Courtney was selected using, and her entry comment said, “I’ve always been curious about trying out Danskos, I just wear athletic/running shoes, but I would love to be able to try Danskos! :)

Seriously, this fellow nurse is in for one amazing treat because these shoes are ahhhmazing.

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Dansko Hearts Nurses [Giveaway]

I’m pretty much a Dansko fangirl. I love their shoes. I love their scrubs. They are perfect for nurses (and all healthcare professionals). And, in honor of nurses and our great work, Dankso is celebrating Nurses Week, which is May 6-12, in a big way.

Dansko_NursesWeekPromoFirst, Dansko is sponsoring an enter-to-win contest for anyone who visits a Dansko retailer during Nurses Week (5/6-5/12) and tries on Dansko apparel or footwear. Five lucky nurses will win a Dansko prize pack! You can find a retailer near you to jump in on the fun.

Second, Dansko has three new shoe styles – Professional Art Palette, Professional Flower Power, and Sedona Elise. I have the Professional Art Palette shoes, which are ah-mazing thanks to the ever-comfortable and trusty Professional style. The Art Palette design instantly brings a color-bomb to any scrub style, and the shoes have even changed the entire look of a casual outfit. Hooray for work shoes weeerking the off-shift!

Dankso Professional Art PaletteTo thank nurses, Dansko is giving a pair of the Professional Art Palette shoes to one fortunate Nursetopia reader. To gain entry to the giveaway, simply leave a comment now about how you celebrate Nurses Week. I’ll randomly select a winner on May 12, 2013, at 7 PM CST. Seriously, what a great Nurses Week gift; enter now!

Thanks, Dansko, for loving on nurses and helping us look great while doing it. You rock!


Disclosure: I received the Professional Art Palette shoes to review for this article. All comments and opinions are my own.

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Wear Your ID with Style Thanks to BooJee Beads [Giveaway]

Ah, the ever-present badge reel and lanyard. We wear them every single day in healthcare and business, yet we rarely pay attention to them. They’re often some boldly-branded things we picked up from an exhibit table at a conference four years ago. (I know I’m not the only one!!)

Thanks to BooJee Beads, a company co-founded by former pediatric nurse Lisa Harrington and corporate executive Kimberly Martinez, reels and lanyards (and more!) can make an impressionable fashion statement, too. Harrington and Martinez are both working mothers who continuously encourage women to follow their dreams – and look good while doing so. Be still my heart; that’s what I love to hear!

BooJee products provide striking, fashionable, and affordable ways to hold your work ID. They help you say goodbye to dull shoelace style lanyards and boring badge reels and hello to ID products that you actually want to wear! With more than 1,000 different styles of beaded lanyards, ribbon lanyards, retractable badge reel jewelry and accessories, there’s something to suit every style. With a 10-year track record, BooJee has sold more than one million individual lanyards.

100427-paris-fashion-lanyardI have the Paris Fashion Lanyard. It features three delicate silver chains hung with multi-faceted beads, has a breakaway safety clasp, and a removable lobster claw hook to hold the ID, keys, and more. Wait…did you get that last part? The lobster claw hook is removable! That’s right, it turns right into a piece of jewelry…because it is jewelry. I love that!

Nursetopia readers rejoice; BooJee Beads is giving us all 15% off their product until February 19, 2013, with code BJBNurse2513! Now, here’s your chance to win your own BooJee Bead product for yourself or for a friend or family member!

Giveaway details:

You can earn a maximum of three entries into the BooJee Beads giveaway:

1) Check out the lovely BooJee Beads products. Leave a comment about which BooJee Beads product you’d like to have and for whom. (Men, this is a perfect “just because” surprise gift for the working lady in your life!)

2) Like BooJee Beads on Facebook, and tell me you did so in your comment.

3) Follow BooJee Beads on Pinterest, and tell me you did so in your comment.

I will select one person via on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, at 7 PM CST. I will contact the winner and share the winner’s email address (only the winner’s email address) with BooJee Beads so they can contact the winner to determine product preference and shipping info.

Hooray for functional beauty!

Disclosure: I received a BooJee Beads product to review and keep. The opinions here are my own.

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Dansko® Fall Fashion Healthcare Apparel [Giveaway]

Hooray for fall…and for fashionable scrubs! Leave it to one of my favorite companies, Dansko®, to effortlessly combine the two. Dansko® Healthcare Apparel now has new styles and print options, so when they asked if I’d be interested in reviewing one of their new styles…well, it was a no-brainer.

I chose the Geri top, which I had been eyeing for a few weeks ever since I spotted it in a Dansko® Facebook post. To complement the top, I also chose the Gina pant. I have no clue who Geri and Gina actually are, but I’m sure we’d be great friends. I already have one pair of Dansko® scrubs, which I adore, so I couldn’t wait to try the other styles. Needless to say, the new scrubs are the same fabulous quality I expect from Dansko®.

Not only are the styles flattering. I mean, seriously, the Gina pant has hem vents that show off my oiled-leather Dansko® Professional clogs, and the Geri top scoop-neck and scalloped bottom hem add a feminine touch. The navy blue scrubs and dark brown shoes made me one happy nurse for the day. And comfort? Forget about it! (In the most perfect sense of the phrase, of course.) The Dansko® Healthcare Apparel is made from a stretch cotton blend; it immediately differentiates itself from any other scrub I’ve ever worn. The material wicks away liquids, never loses its brilliant color, and never changes sizes. Uhm…win, win, win!

If you’ve never worn a pair of Dansko® scrubs, you should absolutely give it a try. And thanks to the generosity of Dansko®, one lucky Nursetopia reader will receive a pair for free! Yay!

Giveaway details:

1. Enter your contact information into the entry form below. Only one entry per person will be accepted via the entry form.

2. You can earn one additional entry into the giveaway by commenting about why you’d love to have a pair of Dansko® scrubs.

3. I will randomly select one person via on Thursday, October 11, 2012, at 8 PM CST.

4. I will contact the winner and connect him/her with the fabulous Dansko® people to receive any pair of scrubs.

Woohooooo! Best wishes for a new pair of scrubs!

Dansko Fall Fashion Healthcare Apparel

Disclosure: I received a pair of Dansko® scrubs to review for this post. All comments are my own.

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Two Won

And the amazing Dansko® scrubs go to…Melissa W. and Teri T.!

I’ve contacted them both, and it’ll be no time before they’re sporting new Dansko® threads. Thanks, again, to the great folks at Dansko® for the giveaway!

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Dansko® Scrubs [Giveaway]

I’m a big fan of Dansko®. They make great shoes, and now they now have a great healthcare apparel line. I recently had a chance to check out a pair of their new scrubs.

From personal experience, the first thing you’ll notice about the scrubs is the fabric quality. It is soft and stretchy and just feels good, which I’d expect nothing less of Dansko®. You can mix and match the top and bottom styles to fit your personal style or whatever you’re feeling for that day. (I prefer the “Gwen” top and “Gail” bottoms.) The fabric wicks away liquids, including sweat, which is a necessity for nurses and other healthcare professionals. I love all the pockets – front panel on the tops and “regular” pant pockets as well as side-leg pockets on the bottoms (the “Gail” style, at least). The pockets are just deep enough to hold everything but not too deep that you’re buried up to your mid-forearm searching for items that have settled in the crevices.

The reason I love the “Gail”-style pants so much is because it has a real button and zipper, and includes an elastic wasteband on the back. They look a lot like regular pants but with the elastic band in the back, you don’t get any of that weird gap when you bend over or squat down. You know what I mean. No one needs to see your underwear at work. No one. In addition, the fabric itself is a little stretchy, so it moves with you, not against you. The “Gwen”-style top is adjustable in the back, cinching in your waistline just where you want it. Of course, I chose a bit more feminine styles, but Dansko® has more masculine and unisex options, as well. And, you can choose from a plethora of colors and patterns depending on your style or dresscode policy.

Thanks to the great people at Dansko®, Nursetopia is giving away two – yes two! – pair of Dansko® scrubs, which is an approximate $60 retail value for each pair. Woohoooooo! Check out the entry details below.

Giveaway details:

1. Enter your contact information into the entry form below. Only one entry per person will be accepted via the entry form.

2. You can earn a whopping three additional entries into the drawing via the following three methods:

A) Leave a comment about why you’d love to have a pair of Dansko® scrubs.

B) “Like” Dansko® on Facebook.

C) Follow Dansko® on Twitter.

3. I will randomly select two people via on Sunday, April 8, 2012, at 7 PM CST.

4. I will contact the winners and share the two winners’ email addresses (only the winners’ email addresses) with Dansko® so they can contact the winners to determine apparel size, apparel preference, shipping info, and receive feedback about the specific Dansko® apparel the winners choose.

Who doesn’t need more scrubs?! Enter now. It’s twice the chance to win! Best wishes!

Dansko Scrubs Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a pair of Dansko® scrubs to review for this post. All comments are my own.