Every Day Excellence

by Nursetopia on September 27, 2013

I have had the privilege of interacting with many, many, many disciplines and departments recently. Each time, I have walked away thinking, “Man, what a great team!” 

One person doesn’t make a team; numerous people do. Everyone has a skill, a part to contribute. And, excellence happens every single day – right in front of our eyes. Yet we choose not to see it because we aren’t really looking for it. Excellence has become the expectation, the norm; I assure you, it is not always the norm.

Point out the everyday excellence that is happening around you. Many people think they’re “just doing [their] jobs,” but recognize someone who does the excellent work every single day. And keep knocking your own work out of the park even if no one else sees it. It’ll come back around to you. It will.


Change the Environment

by Nursetopia on September 25, 2013


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Happy First Day

by Nursetopia on September 13, 2013

FirstDayEach day is a new, first day. Some first days are more significant than others to each of us for very different reasons. Some people are beginning nursing school. Some people are starting their first nursing jobs. Some people are moving into new positions. Some people are pushing start again after a long pause.

Today is a first day for me, a turning of a page, the beginning of a new chapter within my life and career. It’s also the first day for many of my friends – new adventures, new learning opportunities.

Happy first day, All. I am thinking of you. Rock the newness. Celebrate this moment.


What Makes A Leader

by Nursetopia on August 29, 2013

I just repainted several areas of my home. After seeing the finished product, I thought, “Wow, no one would ever know there’s a deep, rich gray underneath that new color.” My mind drifted to an art exhibit that showed, through some kind of imaging machine, how artists painted over their draft work to develop today’s masterpieces. “Huh…I never would have known that was under there…or even thought to look!” The very next day I had a conversation with a leader, and I learned a lot about her – some of her “shaping” and “refining” experiences (read: “painful”). I walked away thinking the same thing…”Huh, I would have never known that was under there.”

All leaders are amalgams of their past experiences. What’s incredibly interesting, though, is that all great leaders have some really painful experiences – moments that have defined their work as well as shifted their focuses – making them who they are and why they lead the way they do. It’s unfortunate that too few people really get to know their leaders and learn about those experiences. The great leaders are willing to share them. I assure you; they don’t want you to relive their past horror.

I hope you have the opportunity to have some of these discussions with the leaders around you. And, I hope you’re brave enough to share your leadership experiences with others in the process.

Leaders aren’t born. They’re made. Sometimes painfully.


Own The Semester [Free, Printable Card]

by Nursetopia on August 26, 2013

I can’t help but think of all the nursing students beginning new semesters. I wish them all the best. Own it!









You can download this card for free. Sure can!


Here’s a smidgen of what I’ve been reading (and watching) this week:

What have you been giving your attention to this week?


Shake the World

by Nursetopia on August 23, 2013



“Should Be” Moment-Stealer

by Nursetopia on August 20, 2013

I should be writing.
I should be running.
I should be sleeping.
I should be reading.
I should be writing.
I should be gathering school supplies.
I should be cleaning.
I should be doing yard work.
I should be writing.
I should be analyzing data.
I should be folding clothes.
I should be reading journal articles.
I should be writing.

I’ve found I should be has woven its way into my brain as well as my language. I’ve also found its the thief of present moments. No more.

Oh look at that; I finished writing.


My reading and education mashup lists have been scarce lately, I know. Trust me, I’ve been reading, reading, reading; I just haven’t posted much with our bipolar summer – hectic at many moments and then waaaay laid back at other times. Here’s a little sample of what I’ve been perusing lately.

What about you? What are some readings that have caught your attention lately?


Control What You Can, When It’s Important

by Nursetopia on July 22, 2013

There are lots of things you cannot control in life and in work. Lots. It’s frustrating, I know. Those uncontrollable moments often impact the one thing we can control – ourselves. And when we don’t control ourselves, we look unprofessional or just downright silly. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe there are instances when it’s important to let loose, and we’re all vulnerable, so showing so is precious – especially so for leaders.

This week, focus on what you can control. It just might move the needle on the things you once thought you can’t control.

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