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[Free, Printable Postcards] Happy Laboratory Professionals Week

It’s Laboratory Professionals Week, so break out the puns and celebrate these team members who remain so fluid, doing all the bloody work, making beautiful specimens of colleagues. Yeah, we love these people…even if they do have to tell us we need another sample because the first hemolyzed.

Here’s some cards for the week. Download, print front-and-back on some cardstock, and give, give, give away to those glorious team members.

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[Free, Printable Card] So Glad We Found You, Graduate Nurse

‘Tis the season for hiring graduate nurses. Staying connected to GNs prior to their start dates is vital for some work markets. Even if you’re not in a tight GN market, remaining connected with GNs after you extend an offer to them through the time they actually start, which could be months, really does start the relationship well. Let’s face it, everyone wants to be thought of, and GNs are stoked to be headed into work with newly-minted degrees and forthcoming licenses. Postcards are an easy and cost-effective way to ping GNs to increase anticipation in joining an organization, and you know how much I love postcards! So, here’s one for my GN series, for use by hiring organizations.

Simply download, print front-and-back on cardstock, label, and mail. Enjoy!


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[Free Printable] Dispensing the Right Stuff – Amazing People

Just because…here’s a cute little graphic you can print as mini cards to hand out or as a large poster to hang in a visible place on the unit.

People make all the difference!

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[Contest Entry] Tell Us the Best Nursing Advice You’ve Ever Received

NurseWeek_WOW_VerticalLogoNurses Week – May 6-12 – is right around the corner, and it is one of my most favorite times of the year to love on nurses.

I always think of the most influential nurses in my life especially during this time, and now Fastaff is giving nurses a chance to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card simply by entering their Words of Wisdom giveaway. Simply complete the entry form, and include your story of the best nursing advice given to you by May 15, 2015; Fastaff will take it from there.

I am so fortunate to have dozens upon dozens of inspirational nurses in my life – from professors to managers to colleagues to researchers – they’ve shaped me into the nurse I am today; they’re leaving their fingerprints all over me and my career. I know you have some of these incredible people in your life, as well. What a super easy way to honor your own inspirational nurse while also having the chance to win a $500 Southwest Airlines gift card to sweep yourself or someone else away. Enter today!


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A Step in the Right Direction: Enter to Win the Kaplan Nursing & Dansko ‘Start Off On the Right Foot’ Giveaway

NCLEX Dansko GiveawayTextbooks thick as bricks, empty pockets, coffee pots that never catch a break. Nursing school is back in session. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve darkened the classroom, we all still remember that feeling of anxiety mixed with kindness tossed with fear and hope. Oh, nursing school.

It’s going to be a great semester. Kaplan Nursing and Dansko are going to make sure of it with their Start Off on the Right Foot giveaway. You need to enter now because through October 31st, two winners per week will be selected to win an incredible Essential Back-to-School Kit including:

  •  A Kaplan NCLEX prep course
  • A $130 gift card for Dansko shoes
  • Medications you need to know for the NCLEX Kaplan book
  • Medical Terms for Nurses Kaplan book
  • Math for Nurses Kaplan Book
  • A Kaplan Nursing pen
  • A Kaplan Nursing highlighter
  • A 12 oz bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Kaplan will announce the winners weekly via their Facebook page at Enter early, and start off on the right foot with Kaplan Nursing and Dansko.

Rock the semester!

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One Week Remaining to Nominate Your Nurse Validator Hero [And Free T-Shirt Giveaway]

Nurse Hero ShirtThere’s only one week remaining before the Elsevier Nurse Validator Superhero nomination period closes. Don’t lose this opportunity to honor an amazing nurse around you. Get to nominating!

And, the first five people to leave a comment on the original post about the nurse you are nominating for the award win a free Nurse Hero t-shirt (sizes Small through Large available).

What makes your nominee so amazing?

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Scrubbing in For A Great Week: Congrats on Your Win

CongratsCongrats to Anna, who won scrubs from simply by commenting on the recent giveaway article. Congrats to you, Anna! I hope this starts off your week with a bang. Enjoy!

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Spoiled Thanks to Dansko

20140428-203946.jpgBig congrats to Natalie L. for winning the recent  Dansko Nurses Week giveaway on Nursetopia. No doubt Natalie is now forever spoiled as a Dansko nurse. Enjoy the rest of your Nurses Week, Natalie. Your Dansko Professional Scatter Floral shoes will sweep you away soon!

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Dansko Shoes = Color, Comfort, & Compliments [Giveaway]

“I love those shoes!”

“Hey, did you get new shoes? Super cute!”

“Ohhh, I love Dansko shoes!”

20140428-203946.jpgYou better get accustomed to these kind of questions and unsolicited comments because it’s going to happen. It just is. That’s exactly what happened when I wore the new Dansko Professional Scattered Floral in clinic last week. Black patent leather with bright-stroked, iridescent flowers. Fun!

Want to have the same kind of Dansko fun? In honor of Nurses Week, they’re giving away the same Professional to one lucky Nursetopia reader. All you have to do is leave a comment below detailing how you’re planning to celebrate Nurses Week (ahem, which is May 6-12), and you might be strolling in colors, comfort, and compliments soon! The commenting winner will be randomly selected Thursday evening (8 PM Central), May 8th, and announced on Nursetopia Friday, May 9th. Thanks, Dansko!

So, tell me; how are you celebrating the most awesome of weeks – Nurses Week?

Disclosure: I received a pair of Dansko shoes for review. Comments here are my own. Can you tell I love Dansko?


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Celebrate Nurses Week with Free Dansko Shoes and Lunch for You and Nine Nurse Coworkers

Dansko is at it again…recognizing and celebrating the most fabulous group of healthcare professionals – nurses, of course! Okay, I might be a tad biased. Maybe. But you can’t deny that Dansko loves, loves, loves nurses! And who’s to blame them? No one here!

Dansko is giving away a pair of their amazing shoes and a fabulous Nurses Week lunch to you and nine of your closest nurse friends. That is, if you’re one of the five randomly selected winners. That means you have to enter, though, by April 28th. Simply tell them why you celebrate Nurses Week, and you’re in the drawing! How easy is that? And oh my goodness…what nurse friend wouldn’t offer to help with your next admit/discharge/enema/[insert your least-favorite nursing care piece here] when he or she realizes you’re treating him/her to new Dansko shoes and lunch?! Oh yeah; you’ll be that nurse during Nurses Week.

So, get after it; enter the Dansko Nurses Week Giveaway, and start the celebration early! Thanks, Dansko, for always celebrating Nurses!