Seize Common Occasions

by Nursetopia on January 27, 2013



Dream Together

by Nursetopia on January 17, 2013

It’s one of my all-time favorite quotes. It’s true. I hope you make a habit of dreaming with others.




One Word for 2012: Completion

by Nursetopia on December 31, 2012

Rather than resolutions, each year I chose one word to help frame my goals and work throughout the year. It helps me. I’ve shared past year’s words already, and 2012’s word was “completion.” I completed many things, indeed, including buying my first home, finishing my first marathon, and many other goals I had in mind.

While “completion” worked for me, I realized that few things are ever really complete; they keep going in one shape or another. Still, the concept was powerful motivation throughout all of 2012. As I look back on the year, I am proud of my accomplishments and choices. It really has been a great year, and I am excited to live 2013 to its fullest.


Good Intentions versus Objectives

by Nursetopia on November 28, 2012


Giving Back, Paying it Forward, Making A Difference

by Nursetopia on October 26, 2012

You are where you are today because of your own diligence and drive in combination with the leadership, mentoring, and encouragement from others throughout your life. You are a wealth of information and resources. Someone is dying to meet and learn from a person like you.

Give yourself freely. Share your experience, your knowledge, your encouragement with others. Help expand other people’s networks with other quality people. Provide constructive feedback. Be present. Be a mentor. Give back, or pay it forward; it’s all the same in making a difference in someone’s life.


Borrowing Motivation

by Nursetopia on August 1, 2012

The will to do something is 99% of the effort of actually completing something. We typically have the strength or power or knowledge to complete most things; we just need to decide and commit to doing whatever that is. The closer we get to the goal/action, the easier it is to complete the action. At least that’s how my mind works…You’ve already gotten this far. Finish. 

But what about when we’re far away from the goal? Faaaaaaaarrrr, faaaaaarrrr away? Yeah, it takes a lot of motivation to get started. It reminds me of that law of physics – an object at rest remains at rest. If I can just get out of bed to run in the morning. If I can get my workout clothes on in the evening after putting the kids to bed. If I can divert my brain from thinking about the chocolate chip cookies in the break room. If I can find the motivation, I can do it.

Sometimes I cannot find the motivation. Sometimes I have to borrow someone else’s. Fortunately, I have some pretty generous motivators around me who push me out of the bed, who place my running shoes right in front of me, who hide the cookies, who nudge the laptop towards me (or rip it out of my hands depending on the day).

I’m a borrower at the moment. I’m looking forward to being the lender again soon. For now, I’ll rest in the encouragement of others and learn from this season of others.

Are you borrowing or lending motivation this season?


Trying to Get Back into Routines

by Nursetopia on June 24, 2012

Summer happened. A new house happened. Writing doesn’t seem to be happening much.

In between finding new running and driving routespainting furniture (which is turning out beautifully, I might add!), enjoying quintessential summertime activities, and yes, even trying to read a book or two, it simply seems as though I’ve “lost” my itch to write. Before moving, I used to wait anxiously for bedtime – laying down the kiddos, the hubs brewing some decaf coffee, and snuggling into bed with my laptop and a few good ideas waiting to become prose.

Not so much these days.

At first, I was quite anxious about the overtly missing or infrequent Nursetopia posts. Seriously – it did cause me anxiety. And then I realized Nursetopia is a fun routine for me. No one makes me write every day. No one makes me share my ideas. No one forces me to share giveaways or downloadable goodies.

So, this week I am striving to find my new writing routines in my new house in this new season. I know it will not be easy. Nothing ever worth having is, though. And I do love writing and sharing conversation with you. Be patient with me please. Posts might be choppy and publish at all hours of the days while I find my groove.

Are you struggling to get back into a routine? How are you coping and working towards getting back into the swing of things?


Hometown Run Makes the Journey Special

by Nursetopia on February 21, 2012


Sunday I competed in my fourth half-marathon – the LIVESTRONG Austin Half-Marathon. I still can’t believe that’s right – four half-marathons? I’ve come a long way, Baby. I set a new personal record, which was seven minutes faster than my last race in November.


Each race is special, but this one was different. There’s just something about running down the middle of closed streets – streets I typically drive on every day. It’s empowering in many ways. Of the four races I’ve run, this course was the best. It was the most challenging, with whispering inclines and screaming hills. And, it was the prettiest. The Dallas Rock & Roll Half-Marathon course is a close second, but Austin takes the number one spot. (Yes, I realize I may be am biased.) The race circled the Capitol, wove through downtown, and continued across South Congress bridge, and down eclectic and trendy SoCo past some Austin-original eateries and shops like Homeslice Pizza, Allen’s Boots, Hey Cupcake!, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds, and Big Top Candy Shop. We turned across the Highway 290 access road where folks from P. Terry’s Hamburger Stand (arguably one of the best burgers in Texas) handed out water in between the race mile marker water stations. Next time they should seriously consider teeny tiny versions of their amazing shakes. I’ll run for that! The course then turned onto South First Street. I never noticed Kreb Lane before, but I couldn’t help but laugh as I thought about the Krebs Cycle, mitochondria, and ATP. It was a nice mental distraction. The famous “Welcome to Austin” mural provided part of the visual inspiration. Color is everywhere on South First, and as I ran I wished I could stop at some of the street trailers. They were getting ready for lunch, and man, they smelled gooooood! The course crossed back over Lady Bird Lake, underneath MoPac Expressway, and back up 15th Street’s massive gargantuan hill, and circling back to the south side of the Capitol.

It was quite special. I’ll share a few more of the most meaningful race day moments this week. Needless to say, I will return to run this race again. Let me know if you’re planning to join in on the craziness fun. I’d love to see you there!


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The Power of Continuing

by Nursetopia on April 12, 2011

There is such great pleasure and empowerment in continuing. Continuing when you think you cannot. Continuing when no one else is watching. Continuing simply for yourself – your mind showing your body which is in control.

Next time you think you want to give up, continue.


Being Me is Much Easier than Being You

by Nursetopia on February 23, 2011

Why can’t I lead like that?

Wish I had her fashion sense.

I wonder what people would say if I acted like that?

Maybe I should change my approach to be more like his?

Remember to say it like that next time.

I need to publish in that journal, too.

She did. People are expecting me to, also.


It’s exhausting trying to be everyone or what I think everyone wants me to be; so, I just have to be me. Yes, I can improve and learn from others. But no one else has my specific points of view, past experiences, or future goals and ideas. It has taken me a long time to learn this lesson, and yes, sometimes I revert back to being my everyone-except-who-I-am-excellent-at-being self. Then I snap out of it.

So snap out of it. Be you.