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A Step in the Right Direction: Enter to Win the Kaplan Nursing & Dansko ‘Start Off On the Right Foot’ Giveaway

NCLEX Dansko GiveawayTextbooks thick as bricks, empty pockets, coffee pots that never catch a break. Nursing school is back in session. No matter how long it’s been since we’ve darkened the classroom, we all still remember that feeling of anxiety mixed with kindness tossed with fear and hope. Oh, nursing school.

It’s going to be a great semester. Kaplan Nursing and Dansko are going to make sure of it with their Start Off on the Right Foot giveaway. You need to enter now because through October 31st, two winners per week will be selected to win an incredible Essential Back-to-School Kit including:

  •  A Kaplan NCLEX prep course
  • A $130 gift card for Dansko shoes
  • Medications you need to know for the NCLEX Kaplan book
  • Medical Terms for Nurses Kaplan book
  • Math for Nurses Kaplan Book
  • A Kaplan Nursing pen
  • A Kaplan Nursing highlighter
  • A 12 oz bag of Dunkin Donuts coffee.

Kaplan will announce the winners weekly via their Facebook page at Enter early, and start off on the right foot with Kaplan Nursing and Dansko.

Rock the semester!

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Those (RN) Credentials Look Mighty Good on Ya! [Free, Printable Cards]

Nursing school grads left and right are completing their NCLEX exams and gaining their Registered Nurse, R.N., credentials. Today’s free, printable card was inspired by my cousin, Shelley, who just obtained her RN license yesterday. I remember exactly what that felt like…absolutely incredible. I welcome her and the rest of my new colleagues to our amazing profession! Guard those credentials fiercely. State them proudly. Hold true to everything they represent.

This card is available to anyone and everyone, free of charge. Simply download, print (on card stock is best), write your personal sentiments on the reverse, and give, give away. Enjoy!


You can also download the red version.





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NCLEX Encouragement [Free, Printable Card]

In honor of nursing graduations everywhere and the thousands of people who are preparing for the NCLEX…here’s a note of encouragement for you or others. Feel free to download, print, and encourage at random intentionally.

The NCLEX is tough. And stressful. It’s a “make-it-or-break-it” kind of moment, and the past two to four years (or more!) have led to the single, stress-inducing, career-predicting test. A note of encouragement just might brighten a future nurse’s day, so be sure to include your own hand-written cheers on the inside!