Lose Yourself; Find Yourself

by Nursetopia on July 15, 2013

There’s something about being near a person who is passionate – someone who loses himself in his work. She makes it look effortless, but really it’s all skill. She’s lost herself in her work over and over and over again until it is now habitual. None less passionate, but simply part of who he is.

OhHelloThereIt’s counterintuitive to find yourself by losing yourself amid your passion – by giving yourself away; yet, it’s true. Have you lost yourself recently? Do you feel like you’re simply going through the motions? Maybe you need to lose yourself within your passion again; get back to the root of why you love what you love and then have fun with it.

You just might find yourself saying, “Oh, hello there!” to yourself.

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Rolling through the Passion-Apathy Cycle

by Nursetopia on July 9, 2013

If you’re passionate about something, chances are you’ll find yourself somewhere on the Passion-Apathy Cycle. For all intents and purposes, this cycle is purely fabricated. It’s simply how feel at times about my work. I work passionately 95% of the time. I am exhausted 4% of the time, especially if I have to keep working around and against barriers. And then, I’m apathetic for a bit. Until that apathy subsequently fuels my fire even more after I think, “I can’t stop caring about this…If I don’t care about it, who will?”

Passion-Apathy Cycle by Nursetopia

If you don’t work for a change, who will? If you don’t care about it, who will? It’s okay to sit down during exhaustion. It’s even okay to walk away for a moment in apathy. Renew your passion. And then keep on keeping on.

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For the Love of Nursing

by Nursetopia on February 14, 2013

Love isn’t in the falling; it’s in the staying. 

NurseYourHeartOutI fell in love with nursing in nursing school. At one point in my career, I despised it, though. It was right around the infamous two-year mark. I questioned whether I made the right choice for my life, even, going into the profession.

Grad school came and went. I changed nursing roles.

And, I fell in love with nursing all over again.

After many productive and exciting years of work, I felt my passion wane. I changed nursing roles.

And, I fell in love with nursing all over again.

The longer I’m in the profession, the more experiences shape my life, the more amazing colleagues influence me, the more I see the micro and macro power of nursing.

If you feel your nursing passion waning, maybe you need to spice things up a bit, change it up. You can change within nursing while still remaining within the profession; it’s what I love the most about nursing.

Find a role that makes you fall back in love with nursing. Reignite your passion, and everything else – quality and energy – will nuzzle into place.

Want the image above? It’s my gift to you. It would be an awesome treat for a coworker, especially if you cut it out and included a handwritten note on the back!

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Tony Hsieh, CEO of, Inc. has written a great book – Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, & Purpose. It’s filled with lovely stories of learning and entrepreneurship and nuggets of leadership wisdom gleaned while growing, Inc. to over $1B in sales (and it wasn’t an easy road). If you’re unfamiliar with, Inc., it is an online shoe/clothing store with an outstanding reputation of great culture resulting in WOW! customer service. (Who doesn’t want that!?)


Delivering Happiness

You should read this book if you are an entrepreneur or are in leadership or management or want to be any of the aforementioned. You should also read Tony’s book if you’re searching for true happiness in work. He provides some great insight into the actual science of happiness.


There’s just something about a multi-millionaire discussing failure and mistakes to make you feel more confident in your dreams, as well. I know Tony’s words made me reframe certain situations and outlooks. The book just might do the same for you (and help you sidestep some mistakes in the process), so add it to your library.

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Ethan From-Survivor-Africa

by Nursetopia on November 4, 2010

Ethan Zohn, winner of Survivor Africa and co-founder of Grassroot Soccer, spoke at the annual LIVESTRONG Young Adult Alliance (LSYAA) Meeting today in Austin, Texas. The LSYAA coordinates initiatives and improves survival rates and quality of life for young adults, or those ages 15 to 39, living with cancer. The Alliance is celebrating its fifth birthday and numerous successes in advancing the field of adolescent and young adult oncology (AYAO).

Ethan jokingly stated he changed his name from Ethan Zohn to Ethan FromSurvivorAfrica, since that’s how most people know him now. I had heard a lot about him, but his keynote address was great – informational, funny, emotional, compelling. It was a bit surreal hearing from the reality TV star; he spoke about his own surreal moments – his time on Survivor Africa, trying to figure out what to do with his $1 million winnings (he said he met a great Nicaraguan guy via email that helped him invest it…), his CD 20+ Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivorship journey, the loss of his father to colon cancer (when Ethan was only 14), and his passion for HIV prevention in Africa.

Ethan said, “It’s hard to articulate what it’s like to be seriously ill. All I craved was survival.” I know this, even as an oncology nurse, but Ethan’s comment struck me. It’s the core of humanity – survival – and nurses are an integral part of that for millions of people every day. Ethan summed it up this way: “We’re all survivors on this earth for a short time. It’s what you do in that short time that’s important.”

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