Leader, Leader quite legendary,

How do your nurses grow?

With sharing wells, and mentor swells,

And encouragements that overflow.

Grow, by Susy Morris, via Flickr.com Grow, by Susy Morris, via Flickr.com

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Priority View [Original Poetry]

by Nursetopia on October 1, 2014

It will be okay
He tells himself
As he leaves the flames behind.

He leaps forward into the calm
That’s been pulling,
Giving in to everything he’s ever wanted
But has been too afraid to know.

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An Unstoppable Reminder

by Nursetopia on August 26, 2014


Thanks to Beau Taplin for such words.

There’s value in continuing despite yourself. Get out of your own way. Move the work you touch. Gather your failures and doubts into a big pile, and step over them.

Be unstoppable.


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Inconspicuously Amazing

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In Retrospect: 2013’s ‘One Word’

by Nursetopia on December 31, 2013

Each year I select one word to help focus me. Here’s my hindsight reflections of my 2011 one word and my 2012 one wordIt’s amazing how the one word threads throughout the months, frightening sometimes. I guess that’s the purpose and should be expected as I think of the word continuously, right?

NewMy one word for 2013 was “new.” I was extremely excited about the obvious word for the New Year. Indeed, “new” dominated my life in 2013. I read (or listened to) numerous new books, including completing a long-time favorite and honored book in a shortened timeframe, which was a goal of mine. I enjoyed several new recipes, including learning to bake bread. My husband and I instituted a new rule for our date nights; we had to go to a new restaurant each and every date night out. It made for some of our best dates, and now it is a permanent rule for us, which has been incredibly fun for our rut-prone, eat-the-same-thing-every-time selves. I wrote a lot of new poetry; some of my favorites this year are Greater ThanPainting CareWhen Leaders Cry, and MissingI made several new, free, printable cards for anyone to have and use; some of my most-loved ones are Seek-And-Find Customizable Nursing AppreciationDon’t StopTriple-Threat Nurse, and No Wonder Nursing Uniforms Had CapesI had two new bosses within the year, one expected and one unexpected. I was invited to join a #BCSM Twitter chat as an expert panelist, which was incredibly fun, and I also served as the Oncology Nursing Society’s 38th Annual Congress Chair, which was, without a doubt, an experience of a lifetime. And after living in our new home – our first-owned home – for only a year (yes, one year!!and just months after we newly painted and developed the space just for us, we sold our home, moved to a new city, and I started a new job – a great opportunity and tremendous responsibility to hire much of a new team and open a new cancer center.


New is great. What I didn’t really think through at the beginning of the year, though, was that new always – always – comes right after change. [gulp] Now, I’m not typically scared of change, which is a good thing, but a lot of change and a lot of new definitely make for stressful and scary times. 2013 has felt like a roller coaster in many, many ways.

I’m ready for 2014, complete with a new word and all, which I will share tomorrow! Have a safe and happy New Year’s Eve!

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Pulse: Voices from the Heart of Medicine is a lovely site publishing literary work pointed at health, wellness, illness, and care to “[foster] the humanistic practice of medicine.” Overwhelmed with healthcare poetry, Pulse paused on poetry submissions for some time. The time has come to submit your healthcare poems, though.

A single author can send up to three poems – each as separate attachments – to poetry@pulsevoices.org by November 13, 2013. Submissions are accepted from all. Editors will review the submissions and notify authors of acceptances or declines during December 2013 and January 2014. Accepted poems will appear in publication during 2014 and 2015. There are specific submission details that all interested authors should follow; please see Pulse’s submission guidelines for poetry (or haiku or prose or other categories) for additional information.

Will you submit a piece to Pulse? I hope so.

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Against the Current [Original Poetry]

by Nursetopia on October 23, 2013

End of the day.
Long day.
Full of work.

Yours was the same.

The doors open to release me.
The fresh, evening air welcomes me.

I push out, out, out.
But your current is stronger, pulling you in, in, in.
Your day has become longer than mine,
Your face wrinkled with worry.
One, two, three, four, five.
The current of your family and friends within pulls you further in, in, in.

I count my blessings as I move against the current.

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Missing [Original Poetry]

by Nursetopia on October 8, 2013

A catch in his voice.

A tremble of his chin.

He shuffles, shuffles trying to redirect his attention.


Weeks of pain – eternity encompassed in minutes.


He clears his throat.

A handkerchief catches a lone tear.

He grasps at the memory of her.


Afraid to lose her again.


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by Nursetopia on September 11, 2013

I remember.           I remember.

09.11.2001.             09.11.2001

Four planes.          Four planes.

2,977 victims.       2,977 victims.

I remember.          I remember.

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Greater Than

by Nursetopia on September 8, 2013

greater than

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