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Stop and Honor Your Informer Nurse Superhero

TheInformerShe pulled two siloed departments together to develop efficiencies for patients and the healthcare system. He saw an opportunity to standardize items across providers, reducing inventory and saving finances. She knows there’s a better way to complete that process, and she reaches out to colleagues to hear how others are winning in care. He is the go-to electronic medical record user and can develop any report to make your audit sing in record time. She has a completely different use for social media – one that makes executives want to unblock sites just to see what happens when she starts talking about health care.

These people are one-in-the-same. They are Informer Superheroes, and they save the day all. the. time. What better way to say ‘thank you’ than to nominate your Informer Superhero for Mosby’s fourth annual Superheroes of Nursing Informer category?

The fourth annual Superheroes of Nursing contest seeks to recognize excellence in the nursing industry as a reflection of the type of excellence that Mosby’s Nursing Suite products instill in nurses. Anyone and everyone is invited to nominate nurses who excel at certain aspects of their jobs – patient care, education, standards and regulations, time management and technology innovation. Each of these core qualities are tied to superhero roles, and the categories for the winners – the Protector, Educator, the Informer and the Validator.

The Informer category is currently open for nominations. It closes on August 15th, so nominate your Superhero today!

Nominations are accepted at and Mosby’s Suite Facebook page. The four winners will be announced via Facebook in September. The winners will also be honored at the ANCC National Magnet Conference® October 8-10, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.

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From Breaking Destructive Patterns to Nursing Nurses: A Nursetopia Reading & Education Mashup [Part 25]

NursetopiaMashupCroppedI’m forever saving articles, hoarding items in my RSS feed, favoring tweets, and emailing myself with items to look up. I’m never short of reading material, and many times I am overloaded with information that is just collecting electronic dust. This week I cleaned out my inbox and other online warehouses. Here’s some of the eclectic information I reviewed recently:

Am I the only one that does this? Surely not. What great reading is lurking in the electronic piles you keep?

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New Online Oncology Nursing Resource is Anything But ‘Textbook’

inPractice® Oncology Nursing has a brand new textbook resource available to help nurses at the bedside or chairside. Broken into clinically relevant segments and chock full of evidence-based practice guidelines and information, inPractice® Oncology Nursing has chapters upon chapters of education, laid out in bite-sized pieces, which is perfect for just-in-time expert information. The graphic-heavy content has a hint of Pinterest for oncology professionals, making the content easy to grasp and retain. All evidence-based guidelines and reference journal articles are hyperlinked throughout the online text, so nurses can quickly go straight to the evidence as well as national practice-guiding documents across topics. In addition, the content itself is hyperlinked, so nurses can scan from issue to issue if they’d like to learn more about certain topics. With a robust table of content, inPractice® Oncology Nursing is a comprehensive oncology nursing textbook like no other.

I had the privilege to be a part of this ground-breaking oncology nurse textbook development. I love the combination of strong content with aesthetically-pleasing, easy-to-understand graphics that help support the content. I can attest to the strength of the information as all references and guidelines were thoroughly checked and then each chapter was passed through a rigorous peer review process. And since this textbook is online, updates are a breeze. In fact, inPractice® Oncology Nursing has been published since the end of February 2014, and my section (on survivorship) has already had content updates based on new evidence in the field. Now that is timely, accurate, and reliable oncology nursing support.

Check out the new resource, and if you’re attending the 39th Annual Oncology Nursing Congress in Anaheim, May 1 – 4, you can stop by the inPractice® exhibit booth to talk with some of the experts and learn more about the textbook that is helping redefine oncology nursing education.

Disclosure: I served as a section editor and chapter author for inPractice® Oncology Nursing. I was compensated for my involvement to develop the resource. All thoughts here are my own. I did not receive remuneration to share my thoughts. 

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Refocusing on the Art of Nursing

Nurses Week (May 6-12) will be here before we all know it. And what will nurses have throughout that week? The same they have each and every week – not enough hours in the day and fewer resources to care for sicker patients. Day after day. week after week. It’s easy to forget the love – the art of nursing, but we can change that.

Elizabeth Scala, MBA, MSN, RN, is hosting The Art of Nursinga four-day, online series to reinvigorate professional passion during Nurses Week. With twelve sessions crossing numerous and well-known nurse speakers, the series will focus on practical concepts for nurses to care for themselves. And with enrollment packages ranging from students through entire organizations, there is something for everyone.

What nurse doesn’t want a little bit of time to himself or herself to focus on the art of our profession rather than trinkets and bobbles during the celebrated Nurses Week? Share The Art of Nursing with those around you – nursing students, nursing colleagues, and leaders within your organization.

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From Crazy Creative Inspiration to Texting to Fight Drug Abuse: A Nursetopia Reading & Education Mashup [Part 21]

I’ve been catching material whenever I get a spare moment here and there. Here’s a few bite-sized chunks of what I’ve been reading lately.

What about you? What are you reading these days?

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From Big Data, MD, to Our Lie About Loving Creativity: A Nursetopia Reading & Education Mashup [Part 18]

To be entirely honest, the only thing my eyes have been looking at in my off-time lately has been the back of my eyelids. And it’s been awesome….exactly what I’ve needed. That, along with some guilty-pleasure television (The Sing Off, anyone??) and holiday goodies. Yep, I’m feeling refreshed. Here’s some of what I’ve caught over the last few weeks, though:

What about you? Been reading much lately? If so, what?

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From Creative Sleep to Uncourteous Doctors In Training: A Nursetopia Reading & Education Mashup [Part 17]

MashupAdmittedly, my extra reading has been limited recently due to other priorities. That’s okay, I’ve still caught bits and pieces of some really great stuff lately such as:

What have you been reading lately?

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From A Map of the Uninsured to Unplugging Every 90 Minutes: A Nursetopia Reading and Education Mashup [Part 13]

MashupHere’s a smidgen of the goodness I’ve been reading and watching this week:

What are you filling your brain with currently?

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A Ball Dropped: Testicular Cancer Survivors Speak Out in A New Film

I’m an oncology nurse. I’m passionate about many things – including cancer survivorship. I’m pretty vocal about testicular cancer. Why? It’s simple – I have many males in my life that I hold dear. I bet you do, too – no matter your gender. It’s important for all of us to know about testicular cancer and the impact it makes on men and their entire lives.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nick O’Hara Smith of Checkemlads several years ago at the LIVESTRONG Global Summit in Ireland. It was not hard to miss Nick; he carried a giant, stuffed testicle and spread education about testosterone deficiency after testicular cancer. Needless to say, that man is not only changing the UK but the world through his awareness messages.

Nick and other testicular cancer survivors are once again shining a light on the stigmatized disease of testicular cancer. They’re talking about it with authentic tenacity. I’m not going to lie – I shed some tears listening to the stories of men advocating for their health and quality of life. And I love that the film team included discussions with an oncology clinical nurse specialist.

Take some time; watch the video; share the video.

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#BCSM: Like Epinephrine at 2100

Sure, you might be reading this at any hour of the day, but at my present writing time, I just finished an invigorating discussion with the amazing #BCSM community via Twitter. We specifically discussed nurses’ role in oncology care, and it was lovely to see the diversity of thought and the perspectives on nurses and nursing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 9.53.42 PM

My. Head. Is. Swimming. I’m dreaming up dreams and thinking about people and ideas and patient care and…The chat ended at 9 PM Central Time, which is 2100 in military time, which is what we use in healthcare, as well, for all the non-clinical Nursetopia readers.

Adrenaline is pumping through my veins. I feel it. I’m invigorated. That’s the power of connection with like-minded people, passionate people, world-changers, dreamers, and doers. It’s like a jolt of epinephrine at 2100.

I think I need a run or something. Thanks, #BCSM!